What is a Meca-Quartz Movement ?

The history of the “meca-quartz” movement

The launch of our 38mm chronograph generated a lot of interest from our customers and raised questions regarding the movement used in this chronograph fresh from the world of auction watches. For decades, meca-quartz movements have been used by the most prestigious manufacturers such as Chopard, Cartier, IWC or Porsche, not forgetting Breitling, Omega and Bulgari, particularly during the quartz crisis of the mid to late 1980s. A modern version of quartz is now offered by several large groups and small brands, including Seiko and you can see those movements in our first reference of chronoraphs from Furlan Marri.

What is a meca-quartz movement?

Meca-quartz movements are quite unique and interesting because they are so-called hybrid movements, with two distinct mechanisms that operate in harmony. The time function is managed by the quartz movement while the timing (chronograph) is controlled by a mechanical module, containing several gears. The same battery provides energy for both functions. Through this mechanical module, renowned manufacturers of the time bring back the clicking sensation of the pushers as well as the instantaneous reset of a mechanical watch.

Why do brands still use this movement ?

Compared to a mechanical chronograph movement, the meca-quartz movement has the ability to be thinner than other movements with that touch and feel of a mechanical function. The meca-quartz movement is also more durable, reliable, less expensive and easier to maintain. For our chronograph, we wanted to have a thinner case without losing the feel and quality or experience of a high-end mechanical chronograph.

VK64 movement © Seiko

The Seiko VK64 movement

All references in the Furlan Marri chronograph collection have been equipped with the unique Seiko VK64 meca-quartz movement, perhaps the most famous and reliable available on the market today. This was done to ensure that we would have a good movement at an affordable price, so that everyone could enjoy our first chronograph references without compromising quality, experience or feeling. Furlan Marri creates an experience in the world of watch collectors. With its own DNA, our brand creates wristwatches with the same feeling as the most sought-after and rare wristwatches you can find in auction houses such as Christie's or Phillips. To preserve the philosophy of our founders, each watch has its own unique legend, to ensure that each watch has a story to tell, and we are delighted to create, experiment and share this adventure with our community.

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